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Tree Removal & Care in North Vancouver

Climber performing tree services in North Vancouver

Improve Energy Efficiency

The staff of Timberline Tree Services Ltd is composed of well-trained and professional people who are passionate about the benefits provided by trees and plants. Trees and shrubs not only improve the appearance of a property, but also improve the quality of the very air we breathe and improve energy efficiency by providing shade during the hot summer months.

ISA Certified Arborists

From top-quality tree care to tree removal in North Vancouver, Timberline Tree Services provides their customers with the services of ISA Certified Arborists, as well as BC Hydro-approved tree climbers. Our employees meet all government regulations for quality and training and are fully licensed and insured.

For Home and Business

Timberline Tree Services in North Vancouver offers a wide range of services to residential and commercial customers, including

  • Tree Planting – The experts at Timberline Tree Services can advise and assist you with choosing trees that will complement your property, and ensure that your trees are properly planted for optimum results.

  • Tree Pruning – Pruning can be a very important factor in maintaining an attractive and safe landscape, but can also have a deleterious effect on the health of the plants affected. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to perform only those cuts that are necessary to ensure vigorous plant growth and maintain health.

  • Tree Removal – A hazardous tree that looms over your bedroom can interfere with your sleeping habits. Timberline Tree Service can safely remove that tree before it comes crashing down with disastrous results. You can always count on Timberline Tree Services for fast and efficient tree services in North Vancouver.

  • Cabling / Bracing – A weak or sickly tree can sometimes need a bit of artificial support in order to mature or heal properly. The trained technicians of Timberline Tree Services can ensure that support devices are installed correctly, lessening the chances of tree or branch failure.

  • Stump Grinding – Stumps are ugly and can interfere with the efficient use of your property. Timberline Tree Services can remove the stump and free up that area for use.

  • Shrub Pruning – Proper pruning and trimming of shrubs has a beneficial effect on the plants’ growth and health. Calling Timberline Tree Service can ensure that your shrubs remain healthy and attractive for years to come.

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